Philosophy of Action -

Conferences & Seminars

This section will be updated from time-to-time, especially if a major event is coming up. However, to see all the relevant current events please see PhilEvents.

Salzburg (Germany, Jan 10)

Universität Duisburg-Essen (Germany, Jan 11)

Universiteit van Amsterdam (Netherlands, 11 Jan)

Chancellors Conference Centre, University of Manchester (UK, 17-18 Jan)Abstracts due 31st October 2012

Literature, Actions, and Agents
Senate House, University of London (UK, 18th Jan)

Achter de Dom,Utrecht (Netherlands, 1-2 March)

University of Surrey (UK 11-13 April)

University of Sheffield (UK, 20-21 April)
CFP deadline: 15 Dec

Past Conferences & Seminars

Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Lisbon (Portugal, January 13)

University of Southampton (UK, 20 January)

Online Symposium on Jed Lewinsohn’s “Philosophy in Halakhah: The Case of Intentional Action”
The Association for the Philosophy of Judaism (Online, Jan 22-29)

Universiteit van Amsterdam (The Netherlands, 2-3 February)

Institute of International Affairs,
East Melbourne (Australia, 25 February)

University of Milan (Italy, Feb-June)

Universidade Nova de Lisboa (Portugal, March 20)

Oxford Brookes University (UK, Wed March 21, 16.00)

MKE, LMU Munich
(Germany, 21-22 March)

ZiF Bielefeld (Germany, 21 - 23 March)

LYON ENS, Descartes Campus
(France, March 23-24)

Saint Joseph's University, Philadelphia (USA, 24 March)

4th International Philosophy Graduate Conference
Central European University,Budapest
(Hungary,30-31 March)

University of Antwerp (Belgium, March-May)

Indiana University
(USA, April 7)

Seattle, APA Pacific Division(USA, April 6)

Salem State University (USA, April 18-20)

University of Nebraska-Lincoln (USA, April 20-22)

Universidad de Buenos Aires
(Argentina, April,26th-28th)

Collège de France, Paris (France, 3 May)

Macquarie University, Sydney (Australia, May 3-4)

Institute of Philosophy, Senate House
(London, 9-10 May)

Ghent - Tilburg workshop, Spa (Belgium, 15 - 19 May)

Gothenburg (Sweden, May 18-20)

University of Missouri-St. Louis and Washington University at St. Louis (USA, 20-22 May)

Lucia Windsor Room, Newnham College, Cambridge (UK, 23 May)

University of Vienna
(Austria, May 24-26)

University of Stirling (Scotland, 25 May)

Valencia (Spain June 4–8)

Institute of Philosophy,Senate House, London
(UK, 7-8 June)

Central European University, Budapest
(Hungary, 7-9 June)

UCL, London (UK, 19 June)

Experience, Action and the Metaphysics of Time
Durham University (UK, 26June)

Leeds University (UK, 26-27 June)
Center for Adaptive Behavior and Cognition,
Max Planck Institute for Human Development
(Germany, 3 – 10 July)

Perception and Action
 Newman House, Dublin 2, (Ireland, Aug 27)

University of Manchester (UK, August 28-31)

University of Groningen (Netherlands, August 29-31)

Universidad de Navarra, Pamplona
(Spain, 10-11 Sep)

Psychological concepts
Free University Brussels (Belgium, Sept. 21-22)

University of Copenhagen (Denmark, Sep 21-23)

Stanford Law School, (US Sept 24-26)

College of William & Mary (US, Sept. 27 & 28)

Consciousness and Volition - 1st International Krakow Conference in Cognitive Science (Poland, 27-29 Sept.)

Ruhr-Universität Bochum(Germany, Sep 28-9)

UNED, Dpto. Logica, Historia y Filosofía de la Ciencia | Madrid (Spain, 3-5 Oct)

Università degli Studi di Milano (Italy, 9-10 Oct)

Thick (Concepts of) Autonomy
Centre for Advanced Study in Bioethics, Muenster, (Germany, 18-20 Oct.)

3rd Workshop in the series Moral Agency, Deliberative Awareness, and Conscious Control,
International School for Philosophy, Leusden
(The Netherlands, 19-21 October)

Otherness, Agency and Belonging
International Network for Alternative Academia Montreal, QC (Canada, 6-8 Nov)
Alternatives, Belief and Action
University of Valencia (Spain, 15-16 Nov)

Themes from the Moral Philosophy of Rawls and Kant
University of Tennessee (US, Nov 16-18)

Criminal Liability and Luck

Oxford Brookes University (UK, Nov 28)
Intentions: Philosophical and Empirical Issues
Rome, (Italy,29-30 November)
Call for papers:Topoi conference and special issue2011

University of Leeds
(UK, 10-11 March)

University of Chicago (USA, April 2-3)

Ghent University (Belgium, April 6)

VU University Amsterdam (The Netherlands, April 8)

King's College London - Strand Campus room K2.31,(UK, April 8)

University of Southampton (UK, 8th-10th April)

Kenan Institute for Ethics, Duke University (US, April 14-16)

British Society for Phenomenology, St Hilda's College, Oxford
(UK, 15th - 17th April)

St. Louis University (US, 28-30 April)

CSMN, University of Oslo (Norway, 2-3 May)

Open University (UK, May 4 at 14.00) 

Mental Causation (Cynthia Macdonald)
University of Hertfordshire (UK, May 5)

Royal Institute of Philosophy Workshop, University of Birmingham (UK, 7 May)

COGS Seminar,University of Sussex (UK, May 10)

University of Missouri-St. Louis (US, May 22-24)

Senate House, Institute of Philosophy, London (UK, 20 May)

Birkbeck College, London (UK, 27 May)

Institute of Philosophy, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (Belgium, 30 May-1 June).

Munich (Germany, 3-4 June)

Pamela Hieronymi's Reasons for Action
Senate House, London (6 June, UK)

Senate House, Institute of Philosophy, London (UK, 8-9 June)

Graduate Conf, Middlesex University (UK, 11 June)

Macquarie University, Sydney(Australia, 17-21 June)

University of East Anglia (UK, 8-11 July)

University of Hertfordshire (UK,11-12 July)

London School of Economics (UK,27 July)

Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin,(Germany, Aug 8-10)

IVR Workshop at Goethe University, Frankfurt (Germany, 15-18 August)

University of Manchester(UK, Aug 31 - Sep 2) Deadline for submission of abstracts: May 31

Graduate Conference, Loyola University Chicago
(US, 9-10 Sep)

Ferenc Huoranszki's Freedom of the Will: A Conditional Analysis
Central European University, Budapest (Hungary, Sep 16)
Abstract Deadline: July 15

University of Gothenburg (Sweden, August 17-18)

(John Martin Fischer & Jeanette Kennett), (Utrecht, The Netherlands, August 20)

University of Manchester (UK, 31 Aug - 2 Sep)

University of San Francisco (United States, 16-17 Sep)

University of Ghent (Belgium, 19-21 Sep)

Eindhoven University of Technology (The Netherlands, Sep 20)

Workshop on Logic, Information, and Agency
Ninth International Tbilisi Symposium, Kutaisi (Georgia, 26-30 Sep)

Amersfoort (The Netherlands, 21- 23 Oct)

New Orleans Workshop (US, Nov 3-5)

GeorgeWashington University (USA, Nov18-19)
Deadline for submissions: July 1

IHPST, Paris (France, Nov 26)

Oxford Brookes University/Royal Institute of Philosophy
(UK, 15-17 June)

University of Sydney
(Australia, 10-11 July)

Beijing International Symposium, Peking University
(Chin, 27-28 September)

Geneva (Switzerland, April 25th-26th)

University Carlos III, Madrid (UC3M)/Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (UAM)
(Spain, Oct 2-3, 2008)

University of Stirling (UK, 25th-26th May)

Indiana University (USA, 13-15 Sep)