Philosophy of Action -

Popular Essays and Interviews

Some good places to start in action theory:

Luca Ferrero's introductory essay on Action (from John Shand's Central Issues of Philosophy),

Aguilar,Buckareff, & Frankish's Introduction to their New Waves in the Philosophy of Action, and

E. J. Lowe's Action Theory and Ontology (from O'Connor & Sandis, A Companion to the Philosophy of Action).

New versions of the Libet experiments by John-Dylan Haynes, with some interesting conclusions. (I still think the debate is entirely misconceived in these terms but the results might nevertheless be interesting for philosophers).

(organized by Gregg Caruso)

Interview with Al Mele on Free Will in The New York Times

Is Neuroscience the Death of Free Will ? - Eddy Nahmias in Philosophy Now

Free Will & Determinism - Michael Norwitz

Freedom and Neurobiology - Richard Corrigan

An Argument About Free Will- Luke Pollard and Rebecca Massey-Chase

Forum on Free Will

Psychoanalysis Between Meanings- Grant Bartley in The Philosopher's Magazine

Free Will - Al Mele

Semi-Compatibilism- John Martin Fischer

Free Will and Science - Mathew Iredale

Joining the Lost Dots - Briony Addey

Character - Jonathan Webber

Neurophilosophy - A.C. Grayling

Neurotrash - Roger Scruton

Hacker's Challenge - James Garvey

What is X-Phi Good For? - David Papineau in the Scientific American

How Free is Your Will? - Daniela Schiller and David Carmel

Inside the Mind of a Psychopath -Kent Kiehl and Joshua Buckholtz in theNew Scientist

Do We Have Free Will? - Patricia Churchland

Are They Playing Our Tune? - Helen Steward  in Think

Free Will- Galen Strawson in theRichmond Journal of Philosophy

Freedom, Pride, Blame, Praise, & Love - Galen Strawson (Interview by Tamler Sommers for The Believer)