Philosophy of Action -

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Philosophy of Action (edited by Constantine Sandis)
Action Theory (edited by Andrei Buckareff)
Free Will (edited by Neil Levy)
Reasons & Reasons and Causes (edited by Errol Lord)
Weakness of Will (edited by Carlos Mauro)
Mental Causation (edited by Sven Walter)
Knowledge of Action (edited by John Schwenkler)
Consciousness of Action (edited by Myrto Mylopoulos)
Practical Reason (edited by Jonathan Way)
Responsibility and Reactive Attitudes (edited by Garrath Williams)
Decision Theory (edited by Rachael Briggs)
Game theory and Political Philosophy (edited by Robert C Robinson)

Georg von Wright's Norm and Action and Varieties of Goodness
available online on the site of The Gifford Lectures.

20th World Congress of Philosophy (1998) - Papers on Action