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Brains (Phil. of Mind & Cog. Sci Blog)
Matters of Substance (Metaphysics Blog)
Nietzsche Blog (Brian Leiter)
The Space of Reasons(Avery Archer)

Action Related Pages

Action Theory (Elisabeth Pacherie)
Debate on X-Phi(New York Times)
Determinism and Freedom (Ted Honderich)

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Audio Podcasts:

Philosophy Bites:

Human Agency - Jennifer Hornsby
Group Agency - Philip Pettit
Free Will - Thomas Pink
Free Will - Frederico Luzzi & Aidan McGlynn
Moral Psychology - Walter Sinnott-Armstrong

Philosophy Talk (with John Perry & Ken Taylor):

Making Decisions - Dan Ariely
Autonomy - John Christman
Is Free Will an Illusion?-John Martin Fischer
Procrastination - Tim Pychyl
Altruism - Jeff Schloss
Making Decisions - Dan Ariely
Desire - William Irvine

Other Sources:

Collective Action- Ben Laurence
Free Will - Simon Blackburn, Galen Strawson, & Helen Beebee (R4, In Our Time)
'10 Minute Puzzle' of Free Will(Northern Institute of Philosophy)
Doctrine of Double Effect - Michael Otsuka (Ethics Bites)
The Puzzle of Free Will- Alfred R. Mele
Tribute to G.E.M. Anscombe - P. Foot & R. Hurtshouse (R4,Woman's Hour)
Nietzsche of Freedom - Brian Leiter
Moral Psychology - Alex Gregory, Michael Lacewing, & Constantine Sandis (Philosophy Now)
New Year's Resolutions - David Finkelstein & J. David Velleman

Podcasts from CSMN conf. on Self-Knowledge & Rational Agency

Video Podcasts:

Alief in Action 1 and 2 - Tamar Gendler discusses alief with
(1) Eric Schwitzgebel and (2) Paul Bloom
Blame - Thomas Scanlon (lecture)
Choice and Irrationality- Al Mele (interview)
Freedom and Neurobiology- John Searle (lecture)
Free Will- Randy Clarke and Stephen Kearns (debate)
Free Will parts one, two, and three (short film)
Free Will and Moral Responsibility - A discussion between Gregg Caruso and Bruce Waller on Philosophy TV
Free Will and Science- Alfred R. Mele and Eddy Nahmias in discussion on Philosophy TV
Free Will & the Brain - Raymond Tallis (panel discussion)
Free Will: The Good Absurd - Will Wilkinson interviews Saul Smilansky
Free Will Lecture and Interview- Daniel Dennett
Intention in Action - John McDowell (lecture)
Libet's Experiments- Susan Greenfield (documentary)
Nietzsche on Freedom - Brian Leiter (talk)
Normativity- Judith Jarvis Thomson (lecture)
The Paradox of Choice -Renata Salec (animated video)
Philosophy of Action - Maharishi Mahesh Yogi (Harvard Law Forum)
Waking Life - excerpt on Free Will