Philosophy of Action -

Research Groups & Projects

Behavioral Studies(Littleton, Cambridge MA)
Centre for Adaptive Behavior and Cognition (Max Plank Institute for Human Development, Berlin)
Big Questions in Free Will (Florida State University Project)
Brain & Behavior (Serendip, Bryn Mawr College)
Control of Action (Danish Research Center for Magnetic Resonance)
Genes & Behavior (Serendip, Bryn Mawr College)
Implicict Bias & Philosophy(Sheffield University)
Moral Psychology (New Jersey)
Practical Reasoning (University of Utah)
STILNET Group: Action and Agency
Understanding Agency(Uppsala University)

Programmes & Courses

Material for University Courses on  Phil. of Action:
Bryn Mawr College(Bharath Vallabha)
Central European University (Ferenc Huoranszki)
McGill University (David Cargnello)
New York University (J. David Velleman)
UC San Diego (Matthew Talbert)      
University of Edinburgh (Bill Pollard & Natalie Gold)
University of Hertfordshire (Constantine Sandis)
University of Utah(Elijah Millgram)