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CFP: Special issue on The Machine as Moral Agent and Patient
2 YEAR POSTDOC in Phil of Action
Philosophical Issues on Action Theory just published
E.J. Lowe, 'Substance Causation, Powers, and Human Agency'


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Oxford Bibliographies Online on action (ed. Adrian Haddock)

Call for PapersRivista Italiana di Filosofia del Linguaggio, Issue 4, October 2011: Action, Perception and Language (ed. Claudia Scorolli)
Extended deadline: 30th October 2011

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Porto X-Phil Lab on Agency and Moral Psychology
Florida State University Grants (Big Questions in Free Will Project)


Rational Causation by Eric Marcus

Recently Published

The Oxford Handbook of Free Will 2nd edition, ed. R. Kane
Essays on Anscombe's Intention(eds. Ford, Horsnby, Stoutland)
Hard Luck by N. Levy
Agents and their Actions ed. M. de Gaynesford
The Domain of Reasons by J. Skorupski
A Companion to the Philosophy of Action eds. T. O'Connor & C. Sandis
New Waves in the Philosophy of Action eds.J.Aguilar,A.Buckareff,& K.Frankish
Causing Human Actions eds. J.Aguilar & A.Buckareff
Hegel on Action eds. A.Laitinen & C.Sandis
Kant's Theory of Action - Richard McCarty
New paperback edition of Michael S. Moore's long out of print book
Freedom and Belief- New Revised Edition of Galen Strawson's long out of print book

For more recent books on free will see Kevin Timpe's post on Flickers of Freedom.